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Design to Code

is a side project of mine born out of my excitement for design systems, bridging design and code, and more. It's meant to be a resource for designers & programmers to decide on which tech stack they should use for their design system.

I decided to build a page as a resource since tools in this industry are still rare and relatively new. These are tools I am already compiling in my bookmarks as there is no other repository, so I'd like to share the research!

This is also serving to be a testing ground for me in:

  • Testing out new technologies (graphql mutations for the form, chakra-ui)

  • Creating and designing around content structures (GraphCMS)

  • Doing a 1:1 comparison of the tools in question for my own decision

  • Creating a brand and color palette from scratch

Along with the homepage, I am designing a single page structure that can be adapted for each tool. This is the starting of the Framer page. The page is still mostly under construction as I got busy with other projects.